Flowers Fading 

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 4:8

Today I saw that my beautiful bouquet of roses has begun to wilt and droop. Sad as it is, I knew this bouquet wouldn’t last forever. However, this time they’ve left me with a lovely reminder. They’ve reminded me that  every earthly thing contributing to my happiness is temporary. People, possessions, careers, health, and and all the beautiful things of this world will fail or fade in time. But in the word of God, where truth and promises are held,there is no failing or fading. It is the one thing in which  we can base our trust and happiness. He will never fail us.

When we are in the midst of struggles and wonder why, He has a purpose and a plan. He hasn’t forsaken us, and His truth is still unwavering.  I find great comfort in knowing that my God is always faithful and His love will prevail. Even though things that we love in this world are temporary, our happiness can still remain because fullness of joy is found in Him. As I throw these dying roses away, I’m thankful God’s promises never wilt, fade, or wither away.

From My Heart,


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